Thursday, April 10, 2008


I couldn't resist - my filling station (gas station) is now on Slexchange and can be seen in world at Vignette.

Per Wiki Answers - Gas prices in the 1920's were only .18 cents per gallon. The price of a new Chevy half-ton pickup truck was only $650. A used Ford was only $57.50 cents.

So if your looking for simpler times, a small town build or just plain eye candy, stop by and take a peek. This is a classic design of the 1920's.

Last night I was able to play catch up and list several things on slexchange, but dang - I do need to get more inventory listed there.

Thing is - I like little details. This means most items are sold in little vignettes. As an example - if you buy a 1920's stove, you will get and old kettle, cooking pot and percolator (like your grandparents had) too. I think the details set the mood. Of course it is your choice as to whether to use all of them or not. In fact, if you see something you like, it can be bought as a single item in game on Vignette. My items are not always in the store - but somewhere on the sim, so feel free to explore.

BTW - if someone can come up with some nice screen door textures for future builds - I would be sooo interested!

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