Sunday, April 20, 2008


The RL job has been a handful for the past few days and I seem to be feeling restless. It seems whenever that sort of thing happens I seek something different. This morning it was Lolita.

This is a new release and an absolutely stunning outfit. The box was full of lovely things:) which means different looks are available! Whew! This is always such a help on my moody days:)

The detail in the front is delicate and beautifully done - I do think it brings a lot of attention to the bust line. Of course this means I needed a great skin. Along with feeling restless, I was also a bit fragile this morning so I decided to wear a more innocent look. Sooo..I pulled out my newest Gala skins.

Ok, I know these darn boots aren't sculpty. Maybe they are ready for an update, but when push comes to shove, this was the perfect set of boots for this look. I didn't want them to be slinky and ultra sexy. I wanted detailing, calf high and not stilettos. I wanted a more innocent look.

I picked the stockings and necklace from my closet. Red makes the look pop!

One warning - you may THINK you don't need to wear the panties - but you do:)

Dress - beloved lolita ~silentsparrow~
Hair - >FD Hair< Jesse - Blood
Skin - :GP: Classic-Perse *SkinFair)
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Intense Garnet/Gold Eyes
Boots - ETD Calf Boots (Black)
Socks - Luminosity - schoolgirl stockings (maroon)
Jewelry - (Adorned) Magess Necklace


Shi Ember said...

I love your footnote, because I wear lolita irl, and at first I didn't understand why I needed to wear bloomers (a loli staple). But I soon realized...going up stairs and such...lolita skirts are very revealing from certain angles. o_O

Rachel said...

Lolz - I learned the hard way:)