Saturday, March 8, 2008

Body Lights - I Do Love Toys!

Today I decided too wave at the troops and to share a stage with the GREAT Bob Hope.

At first you may not notice - but I am playing with a new toy. I am using Body Lights this morning. NOT just any body lights, but Cim Coen's nifty toy.

In the first photo - I just have the standard freebie front face lights on.
In the second Photo i connected the body light to my pecs.

Such a difference - I can see my ass!!
(and with just enough shadow to see the curves) I wanted something that would light up more than my face. i wanted something I could wear out of the house.

As you can tell - Bob's lighting hogged the stage! Mine were nice and invisible.

I do my own photos in SL. Sometimes I like a clean shot without shadows but I also like my shots to be a bit "Artsy" at times too. Shadows can be your worst enemy or your best friend. For some folks - the freebie lights are just fine. But on the other hand if you like more control - get the Body Lights by Cel. In the box she has 2 sets - they each have a different connect point. That makes a huge difference.

You get a menu from where you can select:
color, intensity, fall off, radius, on/off

Sometimes you do need that kind of control and you don't want just a light switch. In the photo above - i was playing with a few shadows.

Body Light
Skin -Belleza- Douceur pale glam Goldstar (no BM) the ears aren't great - but damn - the back is GREAT!
Shoes - Maitreya (the freebies at the door - Slinky Stiletto - black)
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Intense Chocolate Eyes
Hair - Ingenue - Sweet Rosie O'Grady ~ Natural Black
Lingerie - comes in 4 yummy colors at Ingenue (Wow - check out the detail on the back)

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