Saturday, March 1, 2008


I stumbled on to this sweet red 1920's dress today from a designer that i did not think of as a vintage designer (toraji Voom). Take a close look at the detail on this dress...the soft shadows of the skirt...the tiny ruffles at the hem..the little bos at the back of the neck. Here's the real catch - only $150L. If you love retro don't pass this one up!

The Cloche Hat - EVERY lady of the 20's had them and wore them. This one is actually white with black ribbon - but it is mod!! I went into textures and changed the colore to red - it was that simple.

The toughest part was fitting my hair. Be sure to make a copy of your hair before playing with it. I go in and took out whole prims in this great flapper style and then trimmed a few of the other prims the next thing i knew - TaDaa!!

I am wearing the great Tux shoes and Shiny Things and the eyes are a pair of the first eyes i owned in sl - they are called Babydoll eyes. The skin is another Gala Skin, basic gloss. **Always wear prim lashes and an inner light**

Hair - ETD
Skin - GALA
Eyes - E's - Handpainted Fantasy Eyes
Shoes - Shiney Things
Dress - *DP*Yumyum
Hat - Illusions

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Roslyn Joyce said...

absolutely love this outfit and your fashion sense.Blogged on GlamourDaze