Monday, March 10, 2008


I was on a bit of a quest today to find a vintage store. I wanted to find one that would be new to me. After a lot of digging at Onrez, I found Cartunno Couture.

It IS worth checking out.

On many of their items they listed what inspired them. I loved that!!

I looked about for one that might have a hat and found "City Lights" (inspired by a 1927 book). It was simple, had clean lines, and it seemed to have personality.

Dress (City Lights) - Cartunno Couture
Shoes Maitreya Slinky Stiletto
Hair (Flapper) - ETD
Skin -Belleza- Douceur pale 3
[Eyes] Babydoll - Chestnut
Car: Tumanski Heavy Industries - 1923 Model T (only 29 prim!!!)

My current building project is a 1920's filling station - wow - It's almost finished!!

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