Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kinda Blue

My sweetie is going out of town this morning for a week, so I was feeling blue.
Check out this new Dress from Ingenue. I do like the bold colors this dress comes in - Miss Lizzy ~ Royal Blue, Licorice Whip Black, and Very Red.

I actually had to hunt Google Images to figure out if this dress was 1940's or 1950's. The hair is in the original ad is definitely 40's, but the dress had me a bit puzzled. It's sort of a borderline dress. It's sooo much easier when designers put decades on the photos (many do).

Now for the tough questions:

What exactly is Vintage?
What exactly is Retro?

Rachel rushes off to ask the Wiki......

Clothing from the 1920s to 1975 is considered vintage
Clothing manufactured from 1975 until twenty years ago is referred to as retro clothing. Opinions vary on these definitions.

Hmmm - This could be confusing.

For me personally - If it was inspired by the past in a fun and playful way... and takes artistic license, it would be retro. On the other hand, if it the designer sees an antique piece and tries to duplicate it and stay true to the era - it is vintage.

Thank goodness most Second Live fashion designers do some of both.

The perfect shoes are from Maitreya (Enchant Pumps).
This hairs is my favorite hair ever! It is Maya from Naughty Design.
Skin is Medium-Mod Lips I-Iris from GALA.

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