Saturday, March 29, 2008

/me Whispers

The very first time I turned on voice - I heard him breath. I was scared, so scare I scrambled and turned the sound off. He sent me text...laughing at me.

It was a long long time later (months) that i actually heard his voice say "hello". He didn't sound odd, i could understand him...heck we're both from the same state. I was still so nervous and scared - I have no idea why. I hardly said a word I was so nervous. Damn...two strikes for me, this voice thing was too awkward.

Third try, his mic wouldn't work but mine did. He could hear me but only text his replies. we went to explore a few sims. I found myself relaxing little. We began to tease back and forth (he in text and me in voice), I stopped whispering (finally). I found it a bit empowering that he couldn't talk back.

Seems the third try made a difference. I've still not spoken to other people. Kairos and I text most of the time, but every once in awhile we hear each others voices.

Don't get me wrong - text does have it's advantages:
  • You don't put your foot in your mouth as much
  • You can express yourself in text in ways you might be embarrassed to in rl
  • It gives you a bubble of privacy no matter what is going on around you.
But voice has some advantages too:
  • it is sooo much easier to explore the sims together this way
  • in voice you can tell if the other person has had a rough day. A tired sigh:)
  • you have fewer misunderstandings with your sweetie. I kid you not, sometimes when you read text you look for hidden meanings. In voice, tone is everything.
I guess I was afraid that voice would ruin the "magic", but I am happy to say it didn't. It took baby steps for me. The first baby step you need to take if you have never used voice - is to turn it on. Listen to other people with your mic off. Go to stores or gatherings where you will find lots of people (like Ahern). Sit, move your camera about, zero in on the people with the green waves over their heads, and just listen.

OK, I admit it - I have been known to eavesdrop in the game - but dayum, you hear some of the funniest conversations that way. Besides - they could have taken it private .....but they didn't.

Well - I am out of here to have some springtime fun - I'm ready for something bold and fun. What a fun dress - and i just had to go with this bright bold lime color. Yvette comes in four great spring colors.

Dress - Ivalde - Yvette in green (also comes in violet, firebrick and blue)
Hair - Etd - Xaria - Black Green
Shoes - Maitreya - Slinky Stilettos Patent Lime Green
Jewelry - (Caroline's) Natural Green Necklace - Why can't more fun beads like this be out there?

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Anonymous said...

I remember the first time I heard Rachel's voice. I felt my heart jump and breathed out a sigh of relief at the same time. My heart jumped because in that instant "Hello - can you hear me?" she became real to me in a way that she hadn't been with text alone. I had an inner picture of who Rachel was; but the sound of her voice, even as nervous as she sounded at first, filled in much of the rest of the picture. It was like reading a review of a song, butthen listening to the song itself.

So why the relief? Rachel turned out to be a woman after all! Ok, seems ridulous now, but there is no way to really really know a person's gender in Second Life until you hear their voice. Not only was her voice undenialbly a woman's; it was sweet and kind and sexy. How she presented herself in Second Life and the sound of her voice, how she spoke, matched.

The most interesting part about transitioning to voice was that, in a sense, we started over in our relationship. I found myself reintroducing myself to a woman I had been with for many months in text.

While we have both become comfortable in voice, text still represents the majority of our communication and I am happy to report that the occassional use of voice has enhanced our texting. Now, I read her words with the same voice inflections that she would use in voice. So, in a sense, we are always in voice now, but most of the time I am reading her words in her voice and some of the time I am listening to her words in her voice.

Thanks for turning on that mic baby :)