Thursday, March 6, 2008


I was at Silent Sparrow today looking at all her creative work and the Serendipity Suit called to me.

I found the trick with this outfit was to stay away from black boots - I needed a darker black texture on my many pair:( Then i had a Eureka moment! Brown boots (Maitreya)- of course. Be sure you go into appearance mode click the pants tab and go for pants narrow/loose tab so it will look right with your boots.

Steampunk is a style with attitude but i wanted a umm..vulnerable look. So I selected the [Aden] Edie (Black). This hair style is tough but still vulnerable looking and comes in 10 great colors. The skin is one of my new ones - Belleza- Douceur pale LM night Golden brown.


hyasynth said...

*smiles* you have just discovered how I wear my suits outside ads. I LIVE in the Shiny Things Old Boots and Chunky Ribbon boots with pants tucked into them! ~hya

Rachel said...

lolz - took me 6 months to figure it out.