Monday, March 24, 2008

More Places to go and Things to Do

Well today is a great day to explore, so I threw on something casual but still vintage...and off I went. I added this group of SURL's to my column of places to visit.

So grab a date and have some fun!!

Tranquility Gardens
Squeebee's Mystery Science Theater
Cocololo Island Resort
Paradise Falls
Tunnel of Light> Glow your Mind (A Rezzable Sim) Please use WindLight to look at this one.
The Dump
La Romantica
Jericho Hill (SL Hockey)

A reminder to new folks who read my blog - i dont' give lots of information about the suggested places - cuz I love surprises:)

Hair - [ND] "Maya" - Black Pearl
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Blossom 3
Dress - Ingenue - Tricky Little Wicky, Watermelon, this is a RFL dress - go grab it while you can! (4 other colors will also be available at the store)
Hair Flowers - artilleri orchid hair flower *pink*


Anonymous said...

Hi.. i Will visit the places.. i need time... but i will do it!.. nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Notes from the journey

With Rachel as my stalwart tour guide I go where she sends me and have never been disappointed.

La Romantica is a delightful place. I loved the tropical atmosphere and the Tuscan Villa is beautiful, but I think I most enjoyed the long paths around the shoreline. La Romantica knows how to do palm groves!

Paradise Falls was spectacular. I didn't wander far there because I spotted a slow dance and would not let Rachel out of my arms, but the area at the base of the falls is well worth the visit.

I hope Rachel doesn't mind my travel notes, but I wanted everyone to know that if Rachel says a place is worth visiting, you can count on it.

Rachel said...

Hey thanks seeandwrite - If you ever stumble across a nice place to add to my list - let me know:)