Monday, March 3, 2008

Don't Cha Love New Hair?

ETD put out new stuff today - yay!!

I thought this curly hair had a bit of a retro feel to it. The messiness (and oodles of curls) makes this hair downright fun to wear. Notice how this hair has a little wave right about the eye - that's what makes this hair a winner.

Artilleri (Pinup Army Babe) is bold and sexy. The stocking came in the package - gotta love that!
The heels are none other than Maitreya Slinky Stilettos (black). My eyes (Intense Ocean/Obsidian) and lashes are indeed from Sin Skin (Fluff Lashes).
Skin is from makes me look a little young, but hey works for me! I am wearing her pash skin.

Location - WWII Expo 2008 - Second World War

I was walking about Artilleri yesterday when i happened to notice a man and woman speaking on open chat. Ladies - remember - we all hear it on open chat! Anyway the guy was laughing at the lady as she put on these great retro glasses and a curly (incredibly cute) hair in blond.

OMG she was too cute! If i went for ladies - i would have made a pass! the guy she was with wouldn't stop making fun of the ladies attempt at retro. He kept saying how she looked like a grandmother. He was completely blind! Nope!! He just didn't see the beauty. She left with a headache - something tells me that relationship wont last long.

Being able to appreciate things that have come and gone, fashion or otherwise, helps us all reconnect with the past. I say go for it!

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