Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Time to Get to Work!

I love to build and my next project is an old schoolhouse. I do hope to set it out very soon. Thought i would drop a teaser in here and do the photos this time at the workshop of Vignette.

I saw a mention of this dress and just could not resist it. This Victorian School Teacher looks like it might be her first day in class. I made a point of selecting a skin with very little makeup. I wanted it to feel sort of..real.

To be honest there are some flaws on the dress, but come on - how great is this look? I can EASILY overlook the minor things. I am sooo going back to this store. Hmmmm.. she seems to carry lolita:). The school books were part of another outfit i have listed below - and what a great prop they make! The updo hair was soft and and had a great fit. I did recolor the hairbands to compliment the ribbon on the dress. The clean skin gives the look a certain freshness.

Gothic Teacher - Passionate Neko Dreams
Hair - ETD - Adrienne, Ebony
Skin - :GP:, Classic-Pure (bought at skin fair)
School Books - Icing, came with the outfit "Study Date" came with the dress!
School - coming soon to Vignette:)


Candy Flanagan said...

I love it! And what a cute blog, too!

Anonymous said...

Baby, I would never get anything done if you were my teacher!