Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hunting Eggs!!

What a GREAT weekend! All the egg hunts..i am trying to make each and every one:)

I started at Ivalde where she had more that 20 eggs hidden. I found at LEAST 20 - yay for me!! In the photos you will find the Nille Black Dress from egg 18, puffy retro sleeves and all! In the picture next to it i removed the puffy sleeves and just added the short red panda cardigan from egg 19. It's a great look either way:)

Reds and black - i cant get enough of those colors!

As for the shoes - they are of course the Slinky Stilettos (Patent Red) at Maitreya. I love the red shoe with the black trim on the underside. It's the little details that count.

The necklace are the ever so affordable ones at *G&S* (Black Pearl Strand Necklace). I did get the black pearl earrings there too.

the hair is the new TRUTH hair Natalia - great hair - it does fit in well with the retro type look.

The skin is from GALA :GP: Classic-Vex which I bought at the skin fair. For me this skin in incredible real - right down to the tiny shine on the nose - this skin is worth every penny.

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