Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Pink Lady

Whether you have participated in Living History programs or not, you will fall in love with this dress. So many flexi dresses have that bouncy bouncy effect - and to be honest - it makes me feel so girlie when they bounce:). The Victorian dress I have on right now is not necessarily about the bounce (but it does indeed have a subtle bounce), It feels ....I guess you could say, heavier. It has that feel of a subtle drag in the skirt - like Victorian dresses should have.

This beautiful soft pink will bring out your girlie side and make the men on the grid gather round to see if you need help:) Gotta love those guys:)

Take a good look at that cameo. It's perfect. This cameo feels like it has substance, it is delicate and very feminine. Did I mention - It comes with the dress!!!

Be sure when you put the dress on (if you are short) to cover the sweet shirt tails in the front. Ladies in the time would never show their shirt tails.

The hair was a winner - worn up like a lady but soft enough to make a man feel like he could drop it down your back with just a touch.

The skin is a new one by Gala Phoenix found at Skin Fair (Yes!! it is still up!). Honestly, she has done some stunning work with skins. You MUST try these demos.

Dress - Gaslights Emporium - Port Babbage, Promenade Dress comes in SIX colors! Take your sweetie with you - tons of great stuff for the men here.
Hair - ETD Aiiyanna - Mahogany
Skin - go to Skin Fair - to the Gala Phoenix Booth - :GP: Classic-Sienna

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