Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Messy Sort of Day


My name is Rachel Boram and my blog is about the things i love. They don't have to be new.

My journal is a place to show off the things that make me happy - FASHION, furniture, places, ....and random toys. My biggest passion will always be for vintage/retro items and the unusual costume/roleplay outfit!!!

I decided I deserved a messy sort of day and dug into my closet to find this closet:

We all recognize the pants right (Artilleri)? I was pleased to have gotten them on sale some time back. They will never grow old.
The tank is simple and has a few shadows that give it character from Armidi.
This hair is great - just what i needed - pulled back with alot of messy (Charlize) from Aden.

The *cough* Converse *cough* Chucks are the best I have seen in SL. OMG - color-scripted for fun! They may be found at AKEYO

Skin - ok - i gave in..marched back to skin fair and had to buy this Symphony Skin.
This is one of those skins that you look at on the wall and thin eh! another skin...but no - i dare you to try a demo on - the face simply glows with them. I must have tried a skin from every maker at the fair and this is one of 3 brands that caught my eye. I am wearing the Alto- Glossed Dryad.

I am so thrilled to be included over at FashionPlanet I am doing a freakin happy dance!

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