Wednesday, March 5, 2008


System skirts can be tough to pull off, but ever since i made a "skinny" shape for these occasions - i just love them! Ivalde has designed a very special Marilyn collection of four dress styles. At some point i hope to get my hands on the the other three:). Jean was the first that caught my eye and comes in for somewhat dark colors and since i tend to wear the darker hairs - it was a perfect match!
Jean comes in 4 earthy colors - maroon, green, black and navy. I hurried home with my maroon Jean..squeezed my ass into it and...I just HAD to have the platinum hair (Marilyn at Ingenue).

It's the contrasts that makes it work so well. the classic Maitreya Slinky Stilettos in black and the Light Grey Seamed Stocking at INSOLENCE is the icing on the cake. The heels are free on the bench outside the shoe section at Maitreya.

The Skin - Belleza- Douceur pale 2 gives me more of a classy look.
Sin Skin for the fluff prim lashes.
E's Eyes for the Babydoll Grrrrey!

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