Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Juicy Apricots

The thing that caught my eye on this dress was the green..the tiny bit of detail about the waist...and then i fell in love with the draping. Also take a look at the lower part of the skirt - below the ribbon the colors seem to blend so beautifully toward a ripe apricot.

If you worked the Advent calender at Ivalde in December - this dress was from day 14 and should already be in your closet.

As I thought of hair and the 50's..well had to take a peek at my artilleri collection. Caramel is the color - and of the hairs at artilleri will work - i chose the Rita style. It works perfectly with the top of the dress.

All the sudden - while i was dressing - these shoes were put out over at Enkythings (Nana in Ochre). I was aways told to go 2 shades lighter or two shades darker when decorating at i figured - surly that works in fashion too:)

This glowing skin is from GALA (Medium-Spring-Shroom).
the earings are from ~Muse~ Kailena Earring, Tan/Bone
Manicure and Pedicure from The Body Politik Ivory Peach
The eyes are *Sin Skins* Intense Jade/CarameEyes

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