Sunday, March 9, 2008

Had to Have it!

The minute it was posted by Neferia i knew I just had to have it.

The playful checkerboard skirt was the first thing that caught my eye. It's not just the contrasting colors - it's the textures on the fabrics. You see every ruffle, every line, every point in great detail. This gown is a stand out!

I do wish i could figure out which era it's from. The bouffant skirt gives it a 50's feel to me, but the sweetheart neckline with those dramatic points - looks a bit 40's. The 40's women were such Divas:). Until someone can give me a little in site to the decade - i will place this as a "Vintage Gown"

I felt the necklace should also have some contrast, so I went with ~Muse~ The Dauphine Necklace (silver/jet/diamond). I'm not sure if this can be found int he store - if not - try the silver/frost for a nice look.
Hair - ETD Janae - Black
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Vin 3
Eyes - [Eyes] Babydoll - Grrrrey!
Dress - Ivalde (Gian)

I apologize for the random double post - I went in to make a correction and next thing I knew the thing had posted again. Uggs

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bex hathaway said...

I just discovered your blog...I know I'm a bit slow ;)
I am a great fan of anything retro, and I love, love that you have it separated by periods/decades!
Great job!