Sunday, March 2, 2008

*Squeels* A 1L$ dress

Just for today - this lovely 1940's Bonnie in Berry travel dress is only 1L$!!! Thank you Betty Doyle! The texture on this dress is soo detailed and the little bitty hat perched on my head is what makes this outfit complete.

1 Edit your hair - it isn't that freaking hard! Start by making a backup.
2 This hair was a bit easier to edit. I rt clicked the hair, and selected edit.
3 From there go to the Objects tab.
4 At the top of the edit box you will see several selections - you need to check the "edit linked parts" then select a curl that is peeking thru your hat - click on that curl!
5 Look at the rt column in the middle you will see something that says "Path cut begin and end" you see the B and the E with up and down arrows next to them.
6 Go to the E down arrow and one click at a time trim back that curl till it is just under the hat!
6 THEN start again by selecting a different curl. it is very simple - if you have never tried to edit your hair - this is the one to learn on!!!

Just do it!

In the not so free items i am wearing in this ensemble - is the skin which i was happy to find at the skin fair. Gala Phoenix has done it again - beautiful new skins. This group was very real but some had a dramatic feel also. I choose this sweet simple skin with very little makeup (called Classic-Pure). If you are brave enough to crawl with the crowd at Skin Fair - it is worth it.

In keeping with a simple look - the shoes are from Maitreya - a nice solace Brown Dark pair of sandals - i think they have a bit of a retro feel.

The 1940s hair is also Ingenue, Torch Song in in a natural black.

Hair (Torch Song in Natural black) - Ingenue
Dress - Bonnie in Berry (at this location only for the $1L, back to regular price on Monday) Ingenue
Shoes (Solace in Brown Dark) Maitreya
Skin - Gala (found at the skinfair) or wait 4 days - and i'll bet it will be in her store Gala
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Intense Brown/Aqua Eyes yes, I'm their bitch!
Location - Vignette, second floor up is a 1940's bedroom set!

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