Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lots to Do

Don't you love those days in SL when you just have tons of stuff you want to do? I am having one of those days.

The SL wedding of friends, parties to attend, something I am anxious to build - and the cherry on top - my partner is back in town:) I needed something special to wear today.

In RL when I go shopping with the girls, it never fails - someone gets trapped in the dressing room and we all bring her things she must try on. Things she would never think to wear or just something she would never notice. This little game has been behind some of our funniest moments. It has also been the source of our greatest finds!

So when I saw this dress at Artilleri, I paused - it was one of those dresses for me. That is why i bought it. Just like the little RL game I play, I slipped it on... and grinned like an idiot - it was indeed one of those dresses, it was a greatest find.

The shoes are not too blue - they make the outfit a little less predictable.
Jewelry - As you can tell, I don't wear alot of it. I like simplicity and jewelry is the one thing in sl I would rather a gentleman give to me as a gift. So if your a retro fashion junkie, when he asks "Baby - What can I get you for your rezzday?" Tell him, pink, white, he'll get the idea:)

Dress - Artilleri (Carrie Dress comes in blue, red or yellow)
Hair- TRUTH (Lucy in sable)
Necklace - *G&S* Black Pearls
Shoes - Maitreya (blue, Verve Pumps)
Eyes - [E] at Elim (Babydoll - Blue Skies)
Skin- Fleur Vivant Buff Paon 3

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