Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Sweater Girl

Love this 50's dress!! Second Wave Apparel has caught my attention. Although this Siren Sundress did come with a great red cropped sweater, I was wanting something with a bit more contrast, so off I went to find a black cardigan. You would think it wouldn't be difficult to find something so simple. The length was crucial and I needed it on just the right layer.

Please, please, please - Could someone make quality cardigans that are the length of the sweater in the above pictures? Yes, i am a tad spoiled, I want great textures in lots of colors with fun/detailed buttons - I want to wear them with skirts and capris from the 50's.

I would also love to see sneakers of a high quality (such as Keds). When i think of vintage sneakers - those are what in envision.

Well, time to head out and travel the grid!

Sweater - ::Soda:: Black Cardigan (comes with a tank also)
Earrings - Artilleri double cherry earring (silver and gold metals are in the pack!)
Bag - Artilleri - Cherry Bag (no longer see this one available at the store,but they do have other great ones that would work)
Shoes - Maitreya ChiChi Black
Hair - Hiccup - Amelieish - Black
Bracelet - *Funk-O-Rama* *F.O.R.* Totally Kickin Bangle (Cherry)
Dress - Sec0nd Wave Apparel - SirenSundress-


Sioxie Legend said...

Oh Thank you! Thank you! For blogging my stuff! I appreciate it immensely! You should have gotten a charcoal and white cardigan too. Let me know if you didn't - I'll resend it...

Rachel said...

Anytime:) When I log in I 'll look in the bag again. I love that dress!

I like the fact that you named the decade you were going for. I swear, I hate fretting over which folder something should be in. I blame it on the 1949 dresses:)