Tuesday, March 18, 2008



Best week ever - St. Patrick's, Clothing Fair and Easter Goodies - all rolled into one.

I started my Monday with a trip to Ivalde's because I had heard there was a half off everything green sale. To be honest - green is not my color, but I was happy to run over there and look at the green stuff.

Since this blog not only covers retro/vintage BUT things that encourage me to indulge in fantasy or role play, well....umm

I guess I should tell you now and get it over with - I freaking love the Lolita thing. I like the elf fairy thing too and ummm...other stuff.

Get a good look at the detail along the bust, and the beautifully done laces.
Skin- Fleur Vivant Buff Terre 3
Boots - TESLA - rZiggy *lucky*
Socks - [MG fashion] knitted socks - dark olive
Dress - Ivalde - diana dress, olive
Hair - >FD Hair< Jesse - Burgundy

Ok - I admit it, I swear I had to have bought at least 4 dresses there last night. Yesh!
Well - off to Clothing Fair to see if i can find a few vintage type things.

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